In 1960, Dave and Iola Brubeck wrote a show they hoped would change the world. They were way ahead of their time. The world wasn’t ready. This site is about the show.

The Real Ambassadors is a musical commentary on race relations in America as poignant today as it was 45 years ago when they wrote it expressly for Louis Armstrong.

“Despite an initial burst of critical acclaim in 1962, Dave and Iola Brubeck’s satirical musical, "The Real Ambassadors", has pretty much lain moldering in its premature grave, virtually...forgotten.

There didn’t seem to be much hope for the resurrection of the Brubecks’ witty musical that celebrates the legacy of Louis Armstrong and savages the toxicity of racial discrimination.

That is until Dianne Mower, a noted Hartford-based jazz vocalist... began her one-woman crusade to revive this classic, yet now nearly forgotten piece of Americana.”

Quote from Ambassador for a Musical By OWEN McNALLY,
Special to The Courant


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