"The reviews were fantastic!", Dave remembers... "People... (Leonard) Feather and (Ralph) Gleason...two people who weren't too kind to me - flipped over it. They had tears in their eyes...and said ...it was the greatest thing ever done at Monterey."

There was talk of mounting the full show on Broadway, in London, even Paris!
Alas, it was deemed impossible to loose this show on the racially charged atmosphere of the United States at that time. With that gone, the idea of putting it up in London and Paris was dropped.

“What a shame we couldn’t tour with that show-- it had a message, y’know.” - Louis Armstrong
Dianne Mower firmly believes it is a pivotal piece of our musical and cultural history that should be exhumed, esteemed and, yes, even exalted.

"I didn’t think we had a chance," Dave Brubeck says, "but the way Dianne [Mower] goes about doing things, I wouldn’t be surprised if she got it on Broadway."